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People often assume that grooms have it easy when it comes to selecting wedding attire, faced with only a few styles and colours to choose from. Yet there are a few things to consider when choosing an outfit for the big day, especially as more unique, adventurous weddings are now much more mainstream.

Classic styling with black or tan Oxfords

Black and brown shoes will forever be a classic, stylish choice, and these timeless colour staples work well for a formal wedding. If you are opting for the sophistication of a tuxedo, you should really go for a black shoes to match the formality of the suit, and you cannot go wrong with a highly polished Oxford or loafer.

If you want to stay traditional but add some pizazz to your outfit, why not finish off your look with some two-tone, black and white brogues? They will definitely get people talking in all the right ways! If you are opting for a formal suit in blue or grey, black shoes will look smart, but tan shoes are another great traditional option.

Adding some colour to your look

Whilst often still steeped in tradition, modern weddings do not have to follow a strict set of rules – wedding dresses must be white, you must have a tiered wedding cake… rules were made to be broken and grooms shoes do not have to adhere to the age old adage of black or brown if that doesn’t fit in with your personal style. Shoes can be chosen to match with the rest of the wedding; perhaps you want to match the bridesmaid dresses or the flowers.

Alternatively, a pop of colour on your shoes may be a style statement that ensures you have your own moment in the spotlight on the big day. We have created a new line of dress shoes in a range of colours, including a striking blue, a raspberry and a Bordeaux. Each could be styled to complement or contrast with a suit; have you ever considered a pink suit and blue shoes, for example?


In summary, when it comes to grooms’ fashion, there are really only a few points to remember –

  • Dress to suit the venue (a linen suit at a lavish wedding in a castle probably doesn’t work)
  • Make sure your suit fits well and is comfortable
  • Get well fitted, comfortable shoes that will add your own style to the day, whether that is sophisticated, quirky or a little bit of both
  • Wear something that you love! 

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