The Best Wedding Trends for 2023

Our brogues remain in fashion year after year. They're timelessly classic with enough detailing, variety, and personality to suit any groom. However year after year there are new innovations and new trends taking the wedding market by storm. 

To help you look your best this wedding season, take a look at this year's hottest wedding trends for 2023. Why not see if anything catches your eye don’t worry! We promise we have the perfect shoe to match your wedding outfit regardless of trend.

A decadent textured wedding cake sits  under amongst a luxurious spread of cakes, flowers and candles


Let's start off with the trend of maximalism for weddings. A maximalist wedding is all about incorporating luxurious and extravagant details that create a truly memorable and indulgent experience for the couple and their guests. Instead of following the "less is more" design approach, maximalist weddings embrace a "more is more" philosophy. 

This involves using lots of colours, patterns, and textures, which could be incorporated into either the reception space or the ceremony to distinguish between the two areas, or it could be the overall theme of the wedding day. Maximalist weddings have a bold and fun energy and allow the couple to let their hair down and offer their guests something a little bit different!

Lots of Colours!

Weddings in 2023 are set to be all about COLOUR! We're absolutely loving it! From jewel-toned suits and mismatched bridesmaid dresses to colour-blocked florals for the aisle decor, think bold and vibrant hues are presented in a sophisticated and enjoyable manner.

We can't wait to see both groom and bridal parties decked out in bright shades of pink, orange, and yellow (or any other palettes that may surprise us!) standing out against the green grass and blue skies of 2023. And let's not forget about the flowers - we expect to see bridal bouquets with a burst of colours, incorporating lively blooms in shades of pink, purple, and red.

If you're going for a colourful theme, make sure to consider the food as well! Food can be just as colourful as fashion and decorations, with various vibrant dishes and drinks served up throughout the evening. You might want to consider having a dessert table with rainbow-coloured sweets or a bar stocked with colourful cocktails and bubbly champagne.

Bold Checks

This Trend can be risky but is specifically a great trend for the more adventurous groom. Using a bold check pattern in a groom's wedding suit can be a great way to add personality and interest to the outfit. However, it's important to keep a few things in mind to ensure the pattern complements the overall wedding look and doesn't overwhelm it.

While a bold check pattern can look great, it's important to avoid going overboard. Choose a pattern that isn't too large or too small and that won't clash with other patterns or colours in the wedding party and decor. As you would with any other choice make sure to coordinate with the wedding colours. If the wedding has a bold colour scheme, consider choosing a check pattern incorporating one or more of these colours.

Choosing the right fabric is essential. The fabric of the suit can impact how the check pattern looks. A lighter-weight fabric can make the pattern stand out more, while a heavier-weight fabric can give a more subtle effect. 

To ensure the focus stays on the check pattern, pair the suit with a plain shirt and tie, and opt for classic accessories such as a simple watch or cufflinks. If you want to incorporate a check more subtly why not consider our Shelby Tan Oxford with check and pair it with a more understated waistcoat?

Mixed metal Rings

We at London Brogues love mixing and matching materials, that’s why our Gatsby Spectator shoes are so popular. However, you needn’t stop at comparing and contrasting your footwear. A trend we expect to see this year is more couples embracing using mixed metal in their rings.

Mixed metal rings can create a unique and eye-catching look. Combining two or more metals can create a sophisticated and modern appearance giving a variety of colours and textures.

This can be a way for them to express their personal style and create a ring that is truly unique to them.

Mixed metals also have the additional benefit of being versatile and adaptable to different styles and occasions. They can be paired with different types of jewellery, watches, or accessories, and can be easily incorporated into different outfits. It can also create a more durable ring then a simple gold band which is a softer metal.

Besides this practicality, the different metals in a mixed metal ring can represent a romantic ideal. By mixing colours as well as metals you can symbolise the coming together of two people or the blending of different elements in the couple's lives.

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