Timeless Footwear to Beat the Trends in 2023

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We’ve all done it right? We’ve picked up the latest issue of GQ and flicked through to see the latest trends for the upcoming year from the various fashion weeks around Europe in an effort to stay current. Unfortunately more often than not the most recent fad won’t suit us, isn’t that practical for the real world and is wildly out of budget for the amount of time they are going to be considered fashionable. 

Suede Hamilton boots in bordo

The danger of buying into trends is that they are fleeting. When it comes to footwear this leaves you with two choices:

  • You can end up spending a lot on a statement shoe. Only to wear it only a handful of times before it ends up looking like it came out of a time capsule, in a charity shop, or worst of all in the bin.
  • Opt for cheaper brands which will follow the fashion trends for less, but cause discomfort and issues with your feet thanks to cheap materials and poor design.

With London Brogues though there is a third way. 

Our designs are effortlessly stylish and timelessly iconic. Leave the trends behind and know that you can never look outdated in a classic. With men's Oxfords, Derbys and Chelsea boots to suit whatever event or outing you need, our wide range of fittings and sizes will ensure that you have quality footwear which will stand the test of time. 

London Brogues only make their real leather brogues from the highest quality materials to make our hand-finished all-natural uppers which keep your feet dry yet allow them to breathe. Say goodbye to blisters and discomfort. Thanks to our superior selection of materials and attention to detail you will never have to sacrifice comfort for style again. 

We often get asked how we can possibly promise such great quality at such a reasonable price point. The answer is simple! Thanks to our experience in the shoe industry, we can cut out the middleman and work directly with our manufacturers. We can then pass these savings directly onto our customers because we believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to quality footwear for men.

Leather Gatsby Oxford shoes

Finally, being timeless and flying high above trends does not mean that our shoes have no personality or wow factor. Our spectator shoes have all the punch and personality you will need. Pairing a selection of heritage tweed fabrics, and coloured suede with classic silhouettes and decorative brogue patterns can take you from town to country and vintage to modern in just one online store. 

Don’t just look to 2023 trends to choose your shoes this December. Trust London Brogues to provide you with the perfect men's shoes to carry you forward through this year and the next.

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