How to Style Brogues: Cottagecore

As a dress shoe with a distinctive pattern and look, brogues can sometimes be seen as a shoe with limitations. However, our wide range of styles, colour, shape and textures, means that you are able to wear the brogue in new and different ways. Whatever your favourite trend or aesthetic, London Brogues can recommend a shoe for you. In this series of articles we are exploring recent fashion trends and exploring how you can pair it with your brogues. This month we are looking at the trend we are seeing take weddings by storm in 2021, cottagecore.

A rustic still life set up of a cup of tea in a rustic pottery cup and saucer placed on an old hardback book. Surrounding it are dried flowers, nuts, a honey drizzler and glass jug of honey. These are all placed on top of a white knitted blanket

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore was a trend which started to gain popularity at the tail end of the 2010s. Primarily beginning as an interior design aesthetic, it celebrates a romanticised ideal of western agricultural and countryside culture. Imagine a rustic log cabin in the middle of some woods, dried wild flowers on a rough oak table and sitting in front of a burning stove wrapped in cosy wool blankets. Doesn’t that just sound oh so wholesome? 

This sustainable, salt of the earth, man of the field aesthetic with its folksy, country vibe, has enjoyed a considerable spike in usage for aesthetic sites like pinterest and tumblr since the start of the first lockdown. Commentators suggest we are all craving the comforting simplicity of this style and for those stuck in urban areas, a longing for green spaces and country walks. It also meant that with nowhere to go as we socially distanced, some of the home crafted details of the trend have been aided by our picking up of new analogue activities, like sewing, solving jigsaw puzzles and baking.

A white man with salt and pepper hair in his late thirties dressed in a brown leather jacket with a brown and grey check shirt looking over to a pretty blonde white woman in a rust coloured wool coat and soft brown sweater. They are stood in front of a vista of mountainous terrain with shrubby and heath like plants.

This lifestyle trend has of course fed into fashion and though there has been a rich harvest of instagram influencers in romantic prairie dresses, pinafores and smocks creating a cornucopia of looks for women, men are also striding into the trend. Opting away from lace and florals and instead reaching for rugged textured country wear which are a bit less cotswold anoraks and a bit more cardigans and corduroy. The most high profile example of men embracing cottagecore is arguably David Beckham. Last spring his instagram feed was a country file-esque montage of beekeeping, stick welding, wax jacket wearing walks in the country and statement cardigans.

How to dress for Cottagecore

Whilst Cottagecore for women is all about lace, floral prints and hand embroidered detailing, for men it’s about layering and texture. Natural fibres and warm earth tones are the hallmark of cottagecore for men. Tweed, knit and corduroy are the materials of the moment with real leather accents such as gloves, belts and of course brogues. They help create a hard-wearing and rugged silhouette to stand up to British weather, yet still emanate softness and warmth.

For a warm layered look this spring try pairing either a brown corduroy or chino trouser with a light shirt topped with a chunky knitted cardigan or jumper. Accessorise with a flat cap and for those chilly morning walks add a tweed jacket or wool coat. Finish off your look with our Billy Boot in black or tan. With its decorative patterned leather, practical hidden zip and chunkier, hard-wearing sole, our Billy Boot will stand up to outdoor activities giving you comfort and cottagecore style.


As the months turn warmer you can shed your layers to pair an open collared shirt in either a lighter shade such as blue, pink or white, with braces and roll your sleeves for a smart casual look that suggests you just popped out on your lunch to pick some apples. For this lighter weight and romantic style choose from our range of Gatsby boots, available in both tan or chestnut leather and in a range of our mixed material styles of tan leather and tweed. The smoother sole and patterned detailing gives the gatsby a dressier and more classic silhouette when compared to its brother Billy, making it the perfect choice for smarter occasions where comfort is still a priority.

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