What is the Best Men's Boot for Autumn?

Summer may be in full swing at the moment, we know that Autumn is just around the corner, and as the days get longer the weather gets wetter too. That’s why we wanted to get ahead of the style curve and teach you more about our rugged men’s brogue boots Billy.

Developed as our first cleated sole boot, we created the Billy Boot in 2019 in order to create a timeless, hardwearing autumn and winter boot which was both practical and stylish.

black mens brogue billy boots in field

What are the key features of the Billy Boot?

The Billy Boot is a laced ankle boot, but unlike our Gatsby, it is not a dress shoe, but rather a more overtly masculine and blocky design. The chunkier sole gives more grip and so is perfect for wet weather and also will help keep your feet snug. The lace detailing and brogues gives our boots a distinctive character, perfect for vintage or country styling, but the side zip keeps the boots convenient and practical. We have designed this boot in no nonsense, all purpose black and a more vintage tan with distressed accents on the toe caps and heel

Birds eye view of mens tan brogue boot Billy

What should I wear with my Billy Boot?

Great for the transition of late summer to autumn, we suggest pairing the black Billy brogue with a cotton shirt either in a lighter plain colour or subtle checked pattern. Fold up those sleeves to give it a smart casual look and pair with some suit trousers or dark chinos. This is a great casual look for heading from the office to the bar. 

For dressing up with the Tan boot, try a heavier  tweed three piece suit, for that added traditional country gent feel. For a more casual appearance, ditch the waist coat and swap in a light sweater over a cotton tee with an optional blazer over the top. 

For truly comfortable and casual look which doesn't compromise on style, grab those straight leg jeans and your favourite leather jacket, in either black or tan to match your Billy boots. Pair these with a plain tshirt for more of a rocker or biker look.

As the weather outside gets frightful this boots strong look works with heavier layers, looking smart alongside your winter wardrobe. It’s cleated sole makes a strong statement when paired with a smart winter pea coat and the strong leather uppers are more then a match for the elements keeping your feet and socks bone dry. 

man stood in field wearing men autumn wear and brogue billy boot

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