Coloured Laces for Your London Brogues

 At London Brogues we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing comfort and contemporary style to our customers. We want people to feel proud of their looks from their heads to the tip of their patterned toe cap. We also want people to feel like their style fully reflects their personality. Perhaps you are fun and outgoing, or like that extra sense of humour and joy in your wardrobe? You may be wondering how you can bring some colour and fun to the same old suit and shoe combination. Well Brogue enthusiasts, this summer we are bringing you the quick, easy and affordable answer to keep your look fun, fresh and coordinated, style after style, with the exact same shoe!

A birds eye view of ten Arthur Oxford Shoes in Chestnut from London brogue placed in a circle with the toes facing inwards, each with a different coloured lace

Introducing New Coloured Shoelaces to our Online Store

For the first time, we are selling our coloured shoelaces online. With a huge range of colours to choose from we have a lace to suit even the loudest of looks. For men the options to accessorise and play around with style can feel really limited at times, with tragic socks and tie patterns often being the result. But the addition of a coloured lace adds a whole other area of exploration for your style. It only takes a matter of minutes to completely transform your shoes character by changing up the laces, so extend your shoes potential by changing up their fastenings and feel a whole world of styling options open up to you.

How should I style my coloured laces?

These thin stylish laces are the perfect way to dress up your understated Oxford or add even more character to your brogues. Pair a red lace with a navy suit and Burgundy pocket square for suave sophistication. Grab attention by contrasting a coloured lace against your monochrome Gatsby Spectator shoe to really stand out and make a statement. Refine your folksy but smart style by complimenting the contrasting fabric vamp of your heritage Gatsby brogue with the matching lace. The possibilities are endless with our new range of shoe laces. Walk into this summer with a lace to match every possible wardrobe combination and occasion.

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