Should I Wear Socks with my Brogues

At London Brogues, it is no surprise that we focus largely on, well, brogues! But the key to the perfect footwear look is how we style your choice of brogue and what it is paired with. Many men do not give a great deal of consideration to the humble sock often opting for a simple black cotton offering. Seen as purely functional and an irritation first thing in the morning when you can only find the one, socks are not often the focus of most men's reflections, however as summer approaches you may well find yourself wondering; should I wear socks or not? And if yes, what sock should I wear?

Despite the way they are often scrabbled at the bottom of a laundry basket and grabbed last minute, socks can actually easily ruin an outfit and are no less important than your choice of shirt or tie. Like most clothing they are of course a practical item, but again like all clothing that doesn’t mean that style and comfort are not important! What many men forget is that your socks are often very much on show for a large portion of the day, particularly when one is sat down. Are they always necessary though? No not always but we want to help you avoid the awkwardness of fluffing your look with an ill timed naked ankle.

Man sat on wall in suit trousers and suspenders over a white shirt. He is wearing black oxfords and his black socks have risen up.

When should I wear socks?

Generally, if you go to work in a shirt and suit, to an office environment, you really ought to be wearing socks, preferably not horrendously loud and clashing ones. That doesn’t mean patterns are off limits, just that you ought to consider it as carefully as you would you pocket square or other accessories. Your desk neighbour will thank you, as socks are essential for foot hygiene and comfort, soaking up any sweat (nice) and preventing smells. It may feel like you should wear socks to work, but it seems not all men have got the memo, so if you are rocking a derby, oxford or monk shoe in your words you should be wearing socks to work.

When shouldn’t I wear socks?

So when is it ok not to wear socks? Well if you are sporting our Palmer flip flops, it’s fairly obvious, don’t do it! However if you are frequently to be found in a loafer or boat shoe, basically any kind of an open foot shoe, then let your feet be free of their cotton, bamboo or polycotton cocoon. Wearing a sock with an open foot shoe is a faux pas on parr with wearing socks and sandals. So to stay on trend flaunt your ankle, like a scandalous victorian lady, in a rolled up trouser  leg. This look works well with shorts and a low top trainer. If you really really can’t stand the smell and discomfort of a sock-less existence though, low ankle socks are an option, but once again just check how it looks and where the edge of the sock is sitting. 

Investing in decent socks in order to ensure comfort and style is so important. Don’t be shy of showing some personality but make sure it's done in a refined way, our brogue socks are cheeky at home but smart in the office, whilst our range of patterned socks can add a splash of refined colour the perfect companion for your work week. Do your feet a favour and next time you put your outfit together take some time to select your socks and refine your look from head to toe.

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