How to style brogues for the summer

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It’s often assumed that brogues are best worn in the winter months, paired with dark colours to match the grey weather outside. However, a change in seasonal wear does not necessarily mean a change in shoe selection. Here, we’ll show you how to style your brogues in the summer so you can make the most of your favourite footwear in the hot months as well as the cold!

As one of the most versatile shoes in fashion, there are lots of ways to style your beloved brogues and include them in almost any summer outfit. Despite what most people believe, the perforated detailing, known as ‘broguing’, means they are a surprisingly airy option. The holes allow your feet to breath, meaning you can stay cool whilst on your feet in the heat.

Mix up your summer outfit choices

Many of you probably wear brogues pretty regularly, whether it be at work or out socialising with friends and family. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, you’ll want to ditch heavy, dark, fabrics in favour of light cottons and linens to make sure you keep as cool as possible.

For work, instead of a dark suit or a stiff shirt and trouser combo, opt for a light cotton shirt and a cropped chino. Wear with bare ankles (whether that means a trainer sock or no socks at all) to add a more casual tone to your summer styling whilst still sporting your classic brogue.

Wear brogues with bare ankles for a casual look

Outside the office, team your brogues with a simple t-shirt and a pair of light jeans or tailored trousers rolled up at the ankle to give a classic and less formal finish.

Opt for lighter and brighter brogues

Take your summer styling to the next level and chose a brogue in one of our SS19 collection statement colours.

Whilst black and brown brogues remain timeless, introducing different tones and colours to a classic style provides a pop of colour and personality. Piece together with grey jeans and a white linen shirt to for the ultimate summer look.

Blue suede brogue

Consider sporting a trainer brogue

If you’re looking for a comfier, more casual style, then why not try a knitted brogue?

Heavy materials, such as leather and suede, can be less comfortable in the heat so we try a breathable option to compliment a more casual outfit.

Try a knitted brogue in the summer

Embellished with classic broguing detail, this style stays close to its traditional roots whilst offering a lighter, airier feel that is perfect for the British summer. Pair with shorts, a light t-shirt and an open button-up shirt for a more casual look.

Go all in with the brogue flip flop

Our final summer style tip is for our more daring customers.

Introducing our new brogue flip flop, perfect for those white sandy beaches abroad or mooching round seaside towns over the summer. No longer do you have to choose between a sandal and your favourite formal footwear!

make a statement with a brogue flip flop

The ease and comfort of your average flip flop, paired with the characteristics of a classic brogue – what more could you want from a sandal? Wear with chino shorts and a plain white t-shirt for the perfect holiday get up.

Brogues for a summer wedding

Weddings are always a key event of the summer; whether you’re the guest or the groom, you don’t have to be restricted to traditional, formal leather styles.

Give a tailored suit a more relaxed finish by pairing with a suede shoe. You can even match the colour of the wedding party by choosing one of our Clive’s or a Healey, paired with a matching pocket square.

For destination weddings, create a balance of casual and formal wear by sporting our brogue flip flops with a loose-fitting shirt and cropped cotton trousers.

By adopting these tips and tricks you can enjoy brogues all year round, just like we do! If you like the sound of these styles, shop these looks on our website to create your perfect summer wardrobe.

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