Matchmaking suits and shoes

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There is a lot of love around at this time of year as wedding season hits, but a perfectly coordinated suit is the real match made in heaven. Whether you’re flying solo at an event or coupled up, let us play cupid and help you make sure that your suit has the perfect partner.

Black Suit

A black suit is a very formal character, and requires an equally formal paring. A black shoe is really the best option, and this partnership means serious business. This is no flash in the pan dalliance, this couple is going the distance – we’re talking diamond wedding anniversary territory here. The highly polished black Gatsby is going to make your black suit very happy.

Black brogue

Blue Suit

A blue suit has a much more relaxed, youthful personality than the black and different shoe pairings will bring out different facets of this personality. If you’re after a formal pairing, the obvious choice is black, which simplifies the palate and creates a more mature relationship. If you want something a bit more relaxed, a committed but not yet living together type of relationship, a dark brown or tan shoe is ideal. These are both a perfect match for a blue suit that could have been written in the stars. For a playful relationship, why not go for a bordo? People looking at this couple will know that it loves having fun together and doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is the couple that will be the first on the dance-floor. 

Grey Suit

A grey suit is very compatible with all shoe colours – it’s hard to find a bad match for this suit, every shoe wants to be its plus-one. If worn with a white shirt and subdued tie, a classic black shoe is minimalist and sophisticated – think Jackie O and Bobby Kennedy. If you’re going for a patterned or coloured shirt, you can opt for a more spirited pairing, like a bordo or even brown. This is more of a Sarah Jessica Parker / Matthew Broderick couple – perfect together, but not taking itself too seriously.

Charcoal Suit

This is the grey suit with an air of maturity added to it. For an elegant partnering that says ‘we’re well dressed, but we’re not prim’, a polished leather shoe with the patina of burgundy is ideal and keeps the look classy but relaxed.

Brown Suit

Often thought of as the choice of intellectuals’ and car salesmen in the 70s, the brown suit is making a comeback and it needs a partner to complement it. The best option is a brown shoe, but one that is not the same shade or darker. Think Kate Moss and Johnny Depp in the 90s – their style wasn’t identical, but their copy-cat  appearance made each of them look even better. Go for a two tone option with a touch of tweed for full on Indian Jones in professor mode vibes.


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