Introducing our Luxury Reversible Leather Belt

One Belt. Two Colours. All the luxury. 

Given our stock and trade are beautiful authentic leather shoes, it may have felt like an omission that we haven’t stocked belts in recent years. Trust us we hadn’t forgotten about them! In fact, we have been trying to bring a great quality belt to you guys for a while. 

We didn’t want to just get you any old belt though, so our product designers have been working hard with our manufacturers to ensure that every part of this belt felt strong and had a refined finish whilst not compromising on an affordable price. 

A second challenge to our designers was to deliver not just one colour, but two in one belt. This meant creating a reversible buckle and a seamless transition between black and tan without compromising on the toughness and reliability of the clasp and band. 

After some trial and error, we are very proud of our new reversible leather belt for men. The only belt you will ever need and the perfect partner to your favourite pair of London Brogues.  


A Smart Black Men's Belt … 

Wear it to work or any special occasion. Perfect to pair with a shiny pair of black Arthur Oxfords and a dark suit. Keep it classic and formal with this smart understated silver buckle and pair it with brushed steel cuff links for a fully finished look.

Black doesn’t have to mean boring either. The perfect colour to reign in a more colourful choice of suit or shirt, black can be an anchor for the more characterful suit or shoe choice. Try a bold Burgundy jacket this Autumn, paired with black suit trousers for a debonair twist.

…Or A Casual Tan Men's Belt 

Our reversible belt means that a dressed-down look is only a clasp-flip away. Perfect with a more formal three-piece suit, chinos or jeans a tan belt really is the Jack-of-all-trades of belts. Pair it with Chelsea boots, or pair it with your favourite brogue shoes. Hardworking and hardy this belt will look great in almost any combination of clothes. 


Multiple sizes for even greater flexibility

Our new belt comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. So you can find the right fit for you and know that your belt is going to be both comfortable and secure. Not only that, but the beauty of our quality leather, besides its toughness and sustainability, is it will patina and shape itself to fit you better naturally.

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