Make a Statement with Blue Brogues

It may be true that ‘there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues,’ but why would you want one with blues as handsome as this? Check out our range of brogues which feature a pop of blue to add that extra flair and personality to our classic men's brogues.

A pair of Gatsby Spectator shoes in white and blue

Comfort colour and style for men

With London Brogues you always know that you are getting quality, comfort and style all at affordable prices. We enjoy the challenge of matching traditional elements of brogues with modern materials. Out of this, we have created a whole range of shoes which play with colour and texture to give men the chance to show a little bit more of their character. This particular style collection focuses on brogues which feature the colour blue. 

Why so blue?

Blue is a colour which evokes trust and it’s the go-to colour for most men. We are all familiar with the classic blue shirts in office wear. Blue is also a popular palette for weddings and special occasions. It lends itself to various complementary bright colours like orange, yellow and burgundy and presents in various tones. The type of blue can differ radically from the serious navy and the jewel tones of sapphire to the soft, pastel, baby or cornflower blue.


The blue and white Gatsby spectator shoe from London Brogues

The 1920s blue brogue 

Our first style hit is one of the colour options for our bestselling Gatsby shoe. We are kicking off our list with this bold look for the men amongst us who want to make a statement. The contrasting white and navy of this 1920s-inspired spectator shoe is sure to turn heads and will pair beautifully with any navy or brown 3-piece suit.

The comfortable blue brogue 

So many of our brogues follow the Oxford style of shoes with their tighter lacing silhouette. Whilst this looks very smart, it can be trickier for men with wide feet who need a little more give in their shoes. If you need a wide men's shoe with a relaxed fit but don’t want to miss out on buying blue, then why not check out our pal Tommy? Our Tommy Derby Brogue has all the benefits of a relaxed Derby fit but lacks none of the character and style of our other blue-tone brogues. A great shoe for looking smart all day, whilst not loosing any style.

The heritage blue brogue

Add some texture with a little tweed. The summer months can feel too warm for tweed but a little bit of blue tweed paired with tan in another one of our Gatsby styles can add a point of difference and interest to your outfit. Introducing tweed to tan leather is always going to give your outfit a more romantic folksy feel, so why not embrace that with a waistcoat and shirt combination. To keep cool you can neatly roll your sleeves for the full country summer look. It's what brogues were made for.

The dapper blue brogue

This style is very popular with grooms looking for sophisticated and classic styling for their big day. The thin streak of blue over the vamp gives a sleek, refined finish to this tan and blue brogue. These smaller flashes perfectly suit the Shelby shoe’s streamlined Oxford silhouette, making it arguably the smartest shoe on our list.

Well, there you have it! Our true blue round-up. Which shoe will you choose? 

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