The Best Brogues for Wide Feet

It’s a common myth, when buying leather shoes, that you should have to tolerate excessive discomfort. Often people will buy a shoe which is too small in the hopes that the leather will eventually stretch enough for comfort. Yes leather will become more supple as it flexes and moulds to your feet, but you should always aim for the best possible fit when looking to buy a pair of leather shoes. 

We have a range of options available to the fashion conscious footwear connoisseur with wider feet.

How Can Narrow Shoes hurt Wide feet

Regularly wearing shoes which are too narrow can lead to painful problems for your feet such as blisters, corns and bunions which can have short to long term consequences. Shoes at a lower price point can often compromise on fit for affordability.

At London Brogues we never compromise on quality and comfort, and instead save costs through dealing directly with our manufacturers and cutting out the middle man.

What Style of Shoe is best for wide feet?

Given that the classic Brogue shoe is typically an Oxford Shoe, it can be a real challenge for men to find the perfect feet. The Oxford boasts a sleek silhouette, with a close lacing system which can create a narrower shape that can leave wider footed gentlemen struggling to find a comfortable match. 



Our Wide Fit Gatsby Shoe Range 

Our best selling Gatsby shoe is available in a range of styles and wide fit sizes. You can choose from black, tan or navy blue with tan for your Gatsby spectator shoe. For men with size 7 to size 12 feet our Gatsby shoes are the perfect dress shoe for special occasions such as weddings. 

Derby shoes: open laces for a wider fit

As an alternative to an Oxford brogue, we also carry a range of Derby shoes. Though not sized specifically for wide fit, the Derby shoe style is wonderful for men who need a little extra room. This is because they feature a looser open lacing system.  It creates a wider, more casual silhouette, but is still a more than smart enough shoe for the office or dinner out.

Something like our Tommy Derby shoe can give you personality and colour, whilst making sure you stay comfortable. This shoe comes in different colours of leathers including navy and tanbrown and tan and red, navy and tan

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