The Best Wedding Trends for 2022

Thinking that it’s only women who care about weddings is a pretty old fashioned outlook. In this day and age having a bride at a wedding isn’t even a given, so let’s not pretend that wedding trends are all about the cut of a white dress anymore! Men are invested in looking and feeling as confident and good on their wedding day as their fiancé makes them feel. 

That being said we looked around at what some of the men’s fashion retailers are predicting for 2022 and they agreed that whilst there will always be a handful of bold fashion-forward groom blazing a fashion trail, most men prefer to opt for a classic and refined suit. Good style doesn’t have to be flashy, but it also should never be boring.

This is why our Brogues are in fashion year in and year out. Timelessly classic, with enough decoration, range and character to suit any groom, we promise we have the shoe to match your wedding best.

To help you look your best this wedding season check out this year’s inspiration for wedding looks for grooms in 2022.

1. All-Season Tweeds

It’s no secret that we at London Brogues love some tweed. Our Gatsby spectator shoe range includes several tan and tweed colour options. Previously this would only have been seen as an option throughout the cooler months of autumn, winter and very early spring. 

However, there are ways of achieving a similar rustic look without enduring the sweaty misery of tweed in the summer. Consider swapping a full tweet suit for a lighter textured jacket or waistcoat. Lighter textured fabric can give the impression of wool without the insulation and heavyweight of a full tweed jacket. You may also find it cuts the cost considerable too! 

This look would pair well with any of our heritage tweed Gatsby shoes, be it navy, green or grey.  Perfect for an informal cottage-core style wedding or a more formal wedding venue, set in a country house.

2. Oversized Checks

Another way of achieving that country statesman look which we expect to see trending this year is the oversized check. This would give a more relaxed and informal look than a tweed inspired suit. 

Being informal or eclectic doesn’t mean looking messy and a smart intentional pattern like a check can be just the key. It’s important to opt for a larger check to keep your videographer and photographer happy, as smaller checks don’t always translate well to images. Pair this look with a simpler shoe such as our refined Ripley Oxford in tan or chestnut

For those feeling like such a bold print may be a step too far, give a little nod to this trend with our check patterned Shelby Oxford and pair it with a simpler suit. 

3. Red, Wine and Burgundy

This season we expect to see the more formal weddings embracing rich red and wine colours. Whilst many grooms may opt to play it safer with the traditional greys and blues, the bolder individualist might be seen taking up the gauntlet of some warmer richer reds.

If you are tempted to go down this route, we suggest keeping it limited and opting for the burgundy and wine shades as reds can be tricky to mix and match well. Darker reds feel opulent and expensive so pair your burgundy three-piece suits with velvets, roses and the effortlessly chic silhouette of either our polished black Arthur Oxford in black. Alternatively, if you think you can handle it, make a fully wine-infused statement with our Gatsby leather brogue in Bordo.


4. Cream, Off-White and Stone

It’s normal in any trend list to see two looks at either end of the aesthetic spectrum. From rich wines and burgundies, our next trend relaxes into the gentle calming neutral tones being seen embraced across male casual wear. This palette has always been popular for warm spring and summer weddings, with the introduction of light linen suits in creams, whites and softer browns. However, with clever styling, there is no reason why these soft, romantic colours can’t work for different seasons in 2022. 

Pair your creams and beiges with navy accents and jackets to make it more autumnal and less prone to dirt throughout your busy day of celebration. This look works especially well with our Shelby Oxford in tan with navy accents.

5. Contrasting Accents 

Our popular Gatsby spectator shoes embrace the 1920s glamour of sharp contrasts. And 2020s seem to be carrying on that tradition a century on. The super formal and suave tuxedo will always have the wow factor at any wedding. 

If you want to bring this timeless suit choice up to date, why not take the contrast up a notch with a pop of colour. Steer away from a colourful bow tie, as this can look a little cheesy, but consider introducing a coloured pocket square, or coloured laces to your classic spectator Gadsby’s shoe in black and white. This will add a bit of fun and keep your wedding style looking as unique as you and your partner are!

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