The Essential Groom’s ‘To Do’ List

We all know the old tropes about bridezillas and that a groom is best keeping well out of it. But despite our brogues being a classic, we have a more modern outlook on how grooms should get involved in their big day. Whilst it’s true that usually one person in any couple may dominate and find it hard to share responsibilities - weddings are ultimately about more than one person. Being a hands-on groom is not only a huge help but essential to creating a truly special day.

We get lots of grooms party and grooms coming to us for help in looking their best on their wedding day, trying to find the perfect pair of brogues for their big day, either for them or their groomsmen. So we have compiled this helpful guide for our prospective husbands to get a handle on some areas they can be of help to their future Mrs or Mr.

1. Collect Invitation Addresses

This essential information needs gathering early and stored somewhere both you and your better half can access. There is nothing worse than constantly having to scroll back through email and texts to try and find the most recent address for old friends or far flung relatives. It also avoids those embarrassing phone calls to family members who’s contact details you probably ought to know but just can’t remember. 

We suggest creating a spreadsheet of guests. This is a handy tool not only for invitations but you can also use it to log RSVPs, any gifts and whether or not you have sent those pesky thank you cards. 

Yes, you have to send thank you cards. 

2. Arrange Wedding Transport

It may be you and your future spouse are huge petrol heads, or couldn’t care less about how you make your grand entrance to your ceremony or reception. Some men take this opportunity to have a spin in their dream car, or to treat themselves and their partner to a slice of luxury. 

Whether it's a limousine or even something on four hooves, finding a suitable form of transport is pretty important. You don’t want to end up stranded at the end of the evening, or relying on one of your groomsmen who may have got a bit too merry.

3. Guest's Accommodation Options

In this day and age it's rare that you will be marrying someone who is from your hometown, and even if you do happen to be marrying your high school sweetheart, it’s still likely you will have family and friends coming from out of your local post code. 

Guest Accommodation should be a consideration from the earliest point of selecting your venue. If you are getting married or holding your reception in a hotel this can be pretty straight forward, but if not it’s worth checking out a variety of options to suit a range of budgets. Local B&Bs or shared Airbnb accommodation can be a great option. 

4. Organise the Groomsmen's Suits

It's not only your suit that needs sorting - although we very much hope you have that in hand! 

It’s a fallacy that men have no options for their wedding apparel.Whilst it's true that you are in likelihood going to be rocking some variation on a suit, we are Increasingly seeing bolder choices, and more ways grooms can show theirs and their groomsmen personalities.

Whilst you may just be checking that your groomsmen have their own suits which will do the job rather than heading to local suit hire, this is still an important job. If you are opting for the mix and match approach you may want to consider what accessories you could use to bring the overall look together. Or if you are indeed going for the matching look, have a think how you could add individualism through different coloured shoe laces, or the same style shoe in different colour combinations. 

You can of course go fully matching with just the groom providing an accent. Whatever you decide, give yourself plenty of time to try out styles so that you and your friends are comfortable on the big day.

5. Buy Groomsmen Gifts

The groom's party can end up being a real lifeline on the day of the wedding. They often will help fix last minute niggles, usher other guests around, help rearrange room layouts and more. 

It’s therefore important to make your mates feel valued with a thank you gift. After all, chances are you would have never got to saying I do without their love and support. 

If not, then your gift can always serve as a bribe to keep any best man speeches clean and devoid of too many rude anecdotes, 

You don’t have to go overboard at all. For a good value gift why not try out our handsome leather wash bags? You can use them as a beautiful reusable gift bag, stocked with essential toiletries, socks, or cufflinks for your friends. You could include  a card or keyring with photos from the stag do. Something thoughtful and small is often more touching then something flashy but impersonal.   

Of course if you were feeling generous, you could always kit them out in some of our beautiful brogues for the big day, so that they have classic quality shoes which will last and last. 

6. The Speech

Last but not least, your speech! Don’t be that guy who wings it. Yes you have a lot to get on with and it can be easy to put  off this essential task. Especially if you are someone who hates public speaking. 

Whilst it can feel like massive pressure to write something which will have your friends and relatives gently crying into their hankies, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. 

The Groom traditionally delivers a well worded  thank you list. Sincere thanks to both sides of the family and those who have helped make your day special are what’s expected and a good structure is to work from your least close helper i.e.: staff at the venue, to your closest relatives, i.e.: your parents.

We strongly suggest that you finish by thanking your partner and dropping some truly glowing comments about how much you love them and can not wait to spend the rest of your lives together.

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